Become a Non-Smoker

Imagine just how good you will feel when you’re a non-smoker, maybe just days or weeks from now. 

Can you picture yourself feeling stronger, healthier and fitter? 

Can you imagine how clear your lungs feel, inhaling fresh, clean air? 

Can you envision how much happier you’re going to be when you’ve finally kicked this negative habit? 

Change Your Mind About Smoking

The Hypnotist’s Guide to Stub Out Smoking is my comprehensive online resource to help support you to become a non-smoker. 

Drawing on my years of practice as a hypnotherapist on Harley Street, I use the expertise gained from helping several thousand people in their smoking cessation journeys to provide you with a complete tool kit. 

This resource will support and empower you to pick a date to set as your ‘Day 1’ as a non-smoker, and provide you with the answers to some of those burning questions:

•    Why do we start smoking? 

•    Why is it so difficult to give up?

•    What is smoking ‘adding’ to my life, and how can I resolve that? 

•    How can we boost our willpower? 

•    What does smoking mean to me on a subconscious level?

Shifting Perceptions

With over 6 HOURS of video lessons, you'll discover many insights into the motivations plus the emotional basis for the smoking habit. You will also receive guidance on how to reframe your relationship with smoking based on these. 

Over the years I have worked with smokers, I have found that this is the key to creating successful smoking cessation stories. 

The main goal of the course is to help you shift your perception of smoking, to encourage powerful behavioural changes that will make stopping smoking achievable for you. 

Examine your personal narratives around smoking as I guide you using my unique approach, The Storyworking Method®. Explore the ways you have created unsupportive narratives that can keep you locked into your smoking habit, even when you consciously want to stop. 

In addition, you will discover how to develop new, supportive narratives that leave you feeling confident and strong in your next chapter as a non-smoker.

Deeper-Level Change

For most people looking to take this course, their continued smoking is not simply because of nicotine dependency, but rather a habit that is rooted in a much more psychological, and specifically subconscious basis. 

Hypnotherapy is therefore one of the most effective techniques that you can use to support your stopping smoking, to help you replace negative, unwanted behaviours with positive, healthy ones. With this course you receive hypnotic audio tracks to listen to that are designed to create lasting change on a much deeper level. 

Your subconscious mind plays a major role in all of your behaviours and habits, shaping and influencing your understanding and perception of every part of your identity. When you change on a subconscious level, you change your identity, and then, your conscious behaviours. These are the techniques and theories that you will be hard-pressed to find in any comparable course of this type. 

The hypnotic audio tracks are downloadable for you to use for as long as is necessary. To begin with, we recommend that these are listened to daily following your 'Day 1' as a non-smoker.

It is this powerful combination that will help you to consciously engage with the subconscious biases, belief systems and perceptions that may have been holding you back from becoming the healthy non-smoker you’ve been longing to be.

Practical Guidance

It is not only about making the decision to stop smoking, but also providing you with the tools you need to continue to support this change. 

With this method, there is no need for nicotine replacement therapies. This makes this program one of the most natural and healthy ways to stop smoking on the market. You are given real, practical guidance on how to support your new non-smoking mindset, and specific techniques that you can enact into your life immediately. 

These techniques have been cherry-picked to provide you with an approach that you can work into your busy life as seamlessly as possible. They are also the techniques I have been recommending to clients for years with many success stories of their effectiveness and efficiency in supporting long-term changes to their behaviours and habits. 

Discover the Power of Play

One of the major concepts covered in the course is the importance of developing a regular play habit. 

The reason this is such an integral part of my stop smoking method (and all my change work) is because of how deeply it resonates with so many of the people I have worked with over the years. 

Time and again I found that my clients weren’t smoking so much because of the nicotine, but rather because smoking gave them an outlet to deal with stress, anxiety, low mood or other negative emotions. Their habit had developed over time as a way for them to relax, take time to themselves, or as a positive ‘moment’ in their day (so-called 'me time').

For these individuals, my play approach is game-changing in how they both view their smoking habit, and how they choose to tackle it. Through healthy habits where they prioritise moments of joy and fulfilment in their busy schedules, they are able to replace their unhealthy smoking habit with something far more positive. 

Impulse Control Techniques

Once you have established why you started smoking and the subconscious reasons for the habit, and have reframed your narratives around smoking, it is important to ensure that you can then deal with any cravings or urges (if indeed any occur!).

Firstly, cravings are not totally down to the nicotine leaving your body. These urges can be just as much a subconscious ‘tug’ from your mind, telling you that you have stopped a habitual behaviour that usually it relies on for stress-relief or positive reinforcement. When that is gone, your subconscious may knock on your conscious mind in a frustrated manner saying, ‘Excuse me! I think it’s about time to have a smoke!’ 

Luckily there are various simple techniques you can use to handle this. In this course, I talk you through how you can use mindfulness and other practices to help you to deal with cravings and intrusive smoking thoughts swiftly and effectively. 

These, combined with lifestyle and mindset changes, create one of the most comprehensive systems available to support you to stop smoking.

Unique Style

You will also discover:

•    Why I don’t stick a wet screwdriver into a plug socket

•    Which improvised weapon I would use in a zombie apocalypse

•    Why you might send me a photo of you pretending to be Spider Man

These are all topics that I mention during this course. Want to know what the heck they have to do with stopping smoking? You’ll have to find out!

If you’re here for a boring, run-of-the-mill course that is going to deliver the information is as monotonous a fashion as possible, you will have to look elsewhere! 

I’ve helped many, many people stop smoking, and I’ve found over the years that humour and a down-to-earth, straight talking approach is nearly always the absolutely best way to engage people with the ideas and techniques I’m showing them.

Through storytelling, anecdotes, and practical guidance, I will help you to stop smoking in a way that is entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Just because stopping smoking is a serious, life enhancing decision, doesn’t mean we have to be all 'serious-faced' about how we go about it.

Come and laugh with me, learn the powerful techniques to transform your life, and establish new, healthier habits.

Is This Program Right For Me?

DO invest in this course if you’re the kind of person who is:

•    Ready to put in the work to improve their life

•    Committed to becoming a healthier, happier version of themselves

•    Willing to put in the time and effort required for spectacular results

•    Open to questioning their belief system to grow as a person

•    Looking for a frank, no-nonsense style coach to guide them in their new habits

DON’T invest in this course if you’re the kind of person who is:

•    Looking for easy ‘magic wand’ solutions

•    Not actually wanting to stop smoking

•    Only doing the course because other people want them to

•    Unwilling to commit time and effort to transforming their behaviours and habits

•    Close minded to new ideas and concepts

Ultimately, are you:

Enthusiastic and ready, OR resistant and unenthusiastic? 

Open minded, OR close minded?

Committed to change, OR looking for a miraculous cure?

If it's the first part of each question, then I can’t wait to share this program with you and for you to progress with it towards your goal.

Lifetime Access

I understand that for some individuals stopping smoking can be a journey, rather than a one-stop destination. For this reason, I provide you with lifetime access to the stop smoking resources, so you can continue to revisit the videos that resonated with you most as many times as you wish. 

Order Now - Instant Access

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•    Over 6 hours of video lessons

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•    Practical behavioural guidance 

•    Impulse control techniques

•    7-Day Mindfulness mini-program

•    Information based on over 15 years' experience, including almost a decade spent as one of Harley Street's elite stop smoking hypnotherapy specialists

•    Lifetime access

A list of the full content and video lessons found in The Hypnotist's Guide to Stub Out Smoking can be read at the bottom of this page.

IMPORTANT: This product includes hypnotic audios that feature binaural beats. As such, if you have epilepsy, an irregular heartbeat or have a pacemaker fitted, we advise you to speak to your doctor or other medical professional before buying and listening.

The Hypnotists Guide to Stub Out Smoking

The complete program for less than the price of 15 packs of cigarettes!


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