Mindset - The Key to Change

THINK Different + DO different = BETTER results

These online courses are delivered in a straight-talking, conversational style to allow new ways of thinking to become established in your mind. Each course also includes tools and techniques to help makes changes in your mind at the deeper subconscious level, plus practical tips and guidance to support your progress.
Mindset - The Key to Change

SNAP Approach

High Impact, No-Nonsense

SNAP: S – Simple, N – No Fluff or Filler, A – Accessible, P – Powerful. I believe personal development and self help tools and resources work best when ideas and delivery are kept 'snappy'. Therefore, all of The Hypnotist's Guide online courses use a nano-learning structure, my books are under 100 pages in length and workshops follow a 3-hour intensive format.
SNAP Approach

Why Choose The Hypnotist's Guide?

Complete Mind Approach

Personal development depends on a blend of conscious and subconscious factors. These courses re-shape your thinking at both levels and give you the motivation and guidance to make positive changes.

A Unique Perspective

I have a track record of success of over 15 years working with the human mind. As a practicing clinical hypnotist and mindset specialist, these online courses benefit from my unique blend of expertise and experience.

Accessible Course Content

Access your course materials anywhere in the world, on any type of device. Bite-sized nano-learning modules are designed to provide maximum impact from a minimum amount of time invested.